Math classes are intended to build the student’s cognitive skills that are essential throughout a child’s progress. These classes concentrate on topics that allow children to exercise critical thinking using, counting, building, measuring, Identifying Figures, and problem solving.

Language Arts




This subject is intended to gear up students Language skills and English knowledge. KG children are provided with crucial concepts needed to continue developing their Speaking, comprehension, and writing skills. The Lower grades students are offered 8 language arts classes include Reading, Phonics, Grammar, and Writing.

Social Studies



Social Studies are intended to build the students awareness and social skills. Lower grades students are offered a well-designed Social studies class weekly to develop students’ understanding of the world around them.



Science education encourages an attitude of inquiry in the world around us, excites an interest in the nature and process of science and explore the relationship of science to society, technology, mathematics and other disciplines. Through the science curriculum, students gain a foundation of process skills, leading to organized reasoning, analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.



This subject is designated to maintain and promote children’s fluency in Arabic as a first language, using various audio and visual aids. Learning through play and songs is gradually replaced by speaking practice, listening and reading, in addition to writing and exercises with the correct use of grammar.
JCS places extensive emphasis on developing students’ speaking and writing in Arabic. The Lower grades section follows the Arabic curriculum for the Ministry of education to develop students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Islamic & Quran



Islamic subject is intended to make children connected to the world of religion. It teaches them basic values in life to help them develop manners and faith through exciting stories and activities. JCS offers extensive emphasis on Quran classes to teach students how read and recite Quran properly with learning the comprehension of the Quran.

Physical Education

This subject is intended to maintain a healthy physical development and growth as well as enlighten a child’s energy through Exercise, games, and movement activities.

Arts and Crafts



This subject is intended to practice children’s motor skills, generate self-expression and discovery through their own creativity using different art tools.



French starts early in KG 2 and grows with the children as they move upwards. It aims to introduce an additional language and culture in order to enrich the students’ knowledge and understanding exposing them to another part of our world.


Computer is designated for the children’s use to keep them up to date with the latest technology. The students are expected to apply their computer knowledge through creative and fun programs fit for their young minds.

Extra Curricular Activities




The School focuses on students’ well-being and interests as they play a fundamental role in a child’s development process.
The school conducts regular activities throughout the school year to develop the student’s social skills. In addition, 2 field trips are organized for student’s recreation.


After School Program

JCS After-School Program allows children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. Our program includes fun physical activities so that everyone goes home happy. Our areas of focus give children endless opportunities to learn and grow.

After School Homework Program

This program is awesome because it helps our students finish homework each day, keep their grades high, and it makes learning fun! The BEST part is that you will not have to worry or stress about making sure your child’s homework is finished each day! Instead, you can have family time, cook dinner, and enjoy each other’s co