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Nursery is all where the fun begins! children ages 1 year-3 years old enjoy a world full of learning through play. the Nursery section is divided into 2 parts (Nursery A and B) according to children’s age. Each section is designed to implement age appropriate activities.

Pre-K (3-4 years old)

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This program is primarily designed to help young children adjust to the school experience. The program has an emphasis on building language skills, using both   English and Arabic as well as Math, Science and Art classes. Children in this age group will be exploring different themes which are easy to relate to in their every day experiences. Each theme will be taught through hands on activities, extra curricula activities and field trips. The curriculum, in which we design,  builds important foundations for physical/social/emotional and aesthetic development of the child.

KG I (4-5 years old)

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This program is designed to teach children the fundamental skills in reading and mathematics in an active, stimulating and accepting environment. This is done through activities, working individually, in groups, in learning centers and basic paper and pencil tasks. Children learn science and social studies concepts through a thematic based program.

KG II (5-6 years old)

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This program is designed to carry on from the previous year to a more complex structure. Children learn English language skills through phonics, grammar, and spelling programs while reading is presented through a carefully leveled literacy program. The mathematics program reinforces all required skills and concepts as well as number work with special emphasis on mental math. Science, health, and social studies are fully integrated within the curriculum.


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Our curriculum follows an International standard that addresses each subject area creatively supporting every student’s needs through his academic progress. The curriculum is based on the traditional childhood learning process supported by an interesting deliverance technique encouraging students to practice their acquired knowledge through different activities integrated with high tech equipment directly into the classrooms. A class starts with a basic circle time, where the teacher explains a topic. As the discussion is over students are divided into two groups. One group practices the newly acquired information through seat works on books, while the other group engages in an activity and vise- versa.  The academic program includes Math, Phonics, Social wellness/awareness, Arabic, Islamic, Handwriting, Physical Education, Arts and Crafts, and French.